Our goal is to create quality music, particularly for young voices; to preserve the beauty of choral tradition while exploring new ideas. We accept commissions for original compositions for any type of musical ensemble. Cosmic Possum Music also provides clinician/conducting services for honor choirs, and live music for events.

Rick McKee

What is a “cosmic possum”?
“The term, coined by Tennessee poet Jane Hicks, (Blood and Bone Remember: Poems from Appalachia, Jesse Stuart Foundation Press, 2005) refers to people of Southern mountain heritage who have acquired modern sophistication without losing touch with their regional origins…For cosmic possums culture is not an either- or proposition. The trick is to move into the future without letting go of the past, because if you lose your cultural identity, you have nothing to sustain you in the modern rootless world which lurches from one ephemeral trend to another.” We think this reflects the spirit of our company.

- Quotes by Sharon McCrumb from her blog.

Music by Rick McKee is now available at J.W Pepper!